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Frederick Armbruster, Sr., Yeoman 2nd Class '67

Armbruster 5.jpg

Frederick Armbruster, Sr. ended his 3 year Naval career assisting Swift Boat crews in various ways. The following collection consists of 5…

Contributors: Frederick Armbruster, Sr. & Suzanne Edwards Irvin

Jack Batcheller, GMG3 '68-'69


Contributors: Jack Batcheller & Suzanne Edwards Irvin

Irvin Turnbull, RM2 '66-'67


Turnbull's collection consists of a 150+ page history of his service, particularly as a Swift Boat Sailor, in the Vietnam War. This history started…

Contributors: Irvin Turnbull & Suzanne Edwards Irvin

Sonny Barber, CAPT, USNR-ret


Barber’s collection consists of images showing PCF 78 in support of MEDCAP (Medical Civic Action Patrol), PCF 101 (hit by enemy recoilless rifle…

Contributors: Sonny Barber & Suzanne Edwards Irvin

Michael C. Burton, LTJG 66-67


Burton’s collection consists of images from when he was OIC of Crew 109. His crew did one month in the Philippines breaking in new boats and then…

Contributors: Michael C. Burton & Suzanne Edwards Irvin

Anthony R. Taylor, LTJG '66-'67

Vietnamese Phrases.jpg

Taylor’s collection consists of various propaganda leaflets, safe conduct passes and other printed material a Swift Boat Sailor would rely upon in…

Contributors: Anthony R. Taylor & Suzanne Edwards Irvin

Fred R. Read, Jr., RM3 '65-'66

Fred Read RM3 65-66 The Beginning.pdf

Read’s collection consists of photographs from An Thoi, Da Nang and Chu Lai. There is also a picture of Tommy Hill (KIA) and Al Naugh, both from…

Contributors: Fred R. Read, Jr. & Suzanne Edwards Irvin

Larry A. Irwin, LTJG '66-'67

An Thoi Vietnam - a selection of notes on Swift Boat activities Larry Irwin.pdf

Irwin’s collection consists mostly of photographs pertaining to PCF 10, while stationed in An Thoi and on patrol. There are also images of…

Contributors: Larry A. Irwin & Suzanne Edwards Irvin

David D. Hansen, EN2 '68-'69


Hansen's collection consists of just a fraction of the images he took while serving aboard Swift Boats. It is believed Mr. Hansen has the largest…

Contributors: David D. Hansen & Suzanne Edwards Irvin

Weymouth D. Symmes, Jr., RD2 '68-'70


Symmes’ collection consists mostly of images depicting RADM Roy F. Hoffmann. These images were part of “This is Latch: The Story of Rear…

Contributors: Weymouth D. Symmes, Jr. & Suzanne Edwards Irvin