Irvin Turnbull, RM2 '66-'67

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Irvin Turnbull, RM2 '66-'67


Swift Boat Service in the Vietnam War


Turnbull's collection consists of a 150+ page history of his service, particularly as a Swift Boat Sailor, in the Vietnam War. This history started as a school project for his granddaughter. Turnbull expanded on his answers and created a thorough and thoughtful accounting of what is was like to be a Swift Boat Sailor.


Turnbull, Irvin


Swift Boat Sailors Memorial


Circa 1966-1967


Irvin Turnbull & Suzanne Edwards Irvin


There are no known restrictions on the photographs/videos in the Irvin Turnbull Collection. Credit for the photographs/videos shall be used and given to Swift Boat Sailors Memorial.

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Irvin Turnbull
Portrait of Irvin Turnbull, RM2.

Irvin Turnbull, RM2, '66-'67 - History of Service
Irvin Turnbull's account of his military service with particular attention to his time aboard Swift Boats. This 158 page " a story about the inception and purpose of the 110 United States Navy 'Swift Boats' used to patrol the coastal and inland…
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