Swift Boat Sailors Memorial

Darryl S. Skuce, GMG2 '68-'69

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Darryl S. Skuce, GMG2 '68-'69


Swift Boat Service in the Vietnam War


Skuce's collection consists of images and video of time served at Swift Boat Base Cat Lo and An Thoi during the summer of 1968.


Darryl S. Skuce


Swift Boat Sailors Memorial


Circa 1968-1969


Darryl S. Skuce & Suzanne Edwards Irvin


There are no known restrictions on the photographs/videos in the Darryl S. Skuce Collection. Credit for the photographs/videos shall be used and given to Darryl S. Skuce.

Items in the Darryl S. Skuce, GMG2 '68-'69 Collection

"August 13, 1969 at Sea Float in the Cau Lon River. Henry "Buddy" Berman, QM2, awaits medivac. He was wounded riding the 9 boat going to set up an intelligence gathering station at the junction of a canal and a river. A Chu Hoi VC was to lead theā€¦

"Sea Float captured VC munitions." - Darryl S. Skuce, GMG2

"Sea Float, barges anchored near to Nam Cam city in the Cua Lon river. Summer 1969." - Darryl S. Skuce, GMG2

"Gunnersmate Skuce returning to the 9 boat after searching a structure on shore." - Darryl S. Skuce, GMG2

"The following photos were taken from the 9 boat and from Sea Float. Late summer of 1969. Twin M-60 mount used by peak tank gunner. Built GMG2 Stan Simonson of the 9 boat." - Darryl S. Skuce, GMG2