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  • Collection: Jack Batcheller, GMG3 '68-'69

GMG3 Jack Batcheller making some early morning coffee for the crew of PCF15. DaNang, Vietnam, 1968.

Wall map depicting the conflict in Vietnam.

Gun Fire Support - RD2 Tom Noble and GMG3 Jack Batcheller, PCF 15 sending Charlie some 81mm mortar rounds north of Da Nang South, Vietnam, 1968.

"The Last Patrol - Our crew was sitting around the barracks in Da Nang taking it easy. We were going home in the morning. We got the word to muster down to the boats. We took the man in the dark grey coveralls up the Cua Dai River and let him off.…

GMG3 Larry Wright and RD3 Tom Carter aboard PCF 13, rendezvous with PCF 15 somewhere north of Da Nang, South Vietnam, 1968.

The USS New Jersey changing the landscape with her 16in guns north of Cua Viet, 1968. We had gone close to her for a look see. Awesome sight.

PCF15 tied up at Vietnamese Navy base at the mouth of the Cua Dai river, 1968. RD3 McNinch in gun tub and LPO Tom Noble by pilot house hatch.

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Gunners mate "A" School Great Lakes Naval Training Center 1967. Out of a class of 20 all but one either got orders to the USS New Jersey or Swift Crew training at the Naval Amphibious Base in California.

Swift Boat sailor keeping an eye on detainees destined for Chu Lai, 1968.

Part of the crew of PCF15 DaNang Vietnam, 1968.

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GMG3 Jack Batcheller cleaning twin 50's after a patrol. DaNang, Vietnam, 1968

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Vietnamese fishermen north of DaNang, Vietnam, 1968.

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Crew member of PCF 13 watches the horizon during a shelling of Cap Mui Batangan. PCF 13 operates out of NSAD Chu Lai.

A Night on the DMZ.pdf
Personal recollections written by Jack Batcheller, GMG3 during the time period of February 1968 through February 1969. "This particular patrol was like many that we had made to Alpha area, the farthest patrol area north of DaNang which was bordered…
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