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About Swift Boat Sailors Memorial

Swift Boat Sailors Memorial Video from Sue Edwards on Vimeo.

The Swift Boat Sailors Memorial (SBSM) honors the memory of Swift Boat Sailors and educates the public on their accomplishments and sacrifices.  It is our plan to do this in a way that is informative, accurate and interesting.  We plan to leverage technology in developing and deploying relevant information and to encourage user participation in developing content.  The heart of the SBSM is our internet accessible website which will include such items as: film clips, pictures, oral histories, bio of 50 sailors "Still on Patrol", TF 115 accomplishments, educational materials, links to other Swift sites, boat and crew information, and Swift Boat articles in back copies of Stars & Stripes.

We have a physical exhibit that will include a picture of each of the fifty men “still on patrol” and a map that will identify the location where they died.  It will also include a model of a Swift Boat on a stand with the name of each of the fifty men that lost their lives while serving as Swift Boat Sailors.  It includes Ipad kiosks for access to our digital repository.  The first home of this traveling exhibit is the Virginia War Memorial in Richmond, Virginia.  After that, it will travel around the country.  

We are also developing the "Swifties’ Rollin' Fifties” project for a new digital exhibit.  This is a half-century look back at significant events in Swift Boat history. SR50 is a project that identifies key events on a month-to-month basis that highlights Swift activities that occurred as the 50th Anniversary (1965-1971) rolls across the 2015 to 2021 time line.

Our digital repository is an ever-evolving project and we welcome new ideas that will enhance the Swift Boat Sailors’ history.  There is always room to include additional primary sources such as audio clips, images, text and video files.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to Suzanne Edwards at SueEdwards@live.com if you have suggestions or items that would benefit the digital repository.

Thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy the experience!