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Swift Boat Sailors "Still on Patrol"

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Fifty Swift Boat crew and personnel lost their lives while serving in the Vietnam War.  The remains of four of the men are still unaccounted for and remain missing in action.  The fifty men remain in the hearts and minds of their fellow Swift Boat Sailors.  Their fellow Swift mates remember them as “Still on Patrol".

There are two ways to learn more about the Swift Boat Sailors that lost their lives.  You can click on the year for a timeline of the Swift Boat Sailors that lost their lives for that year.  You can also click on a name for a picture and biography of each Swift Boat Sailor.

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Oral Histories

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Oral histories are a unique opportunity to learn about individuals who traditionally do not appear in the historical record.  They are great tools to learn about the Swift Boat Sailors’ personal experiences in the Vietnam War.  The United States Navy Memorial has conducted several oral histories of Swift Boat Sailors that can also be viewed in this exhibit.


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Roster of Swift Boat Sailors

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A thorough search of the National Archives uncovered BUPERS Reports and Personnel Diaries of Boat/Coastal Squadron One for the years 1965-1970.  Hundreds of manpower hours in data entry and vetting of the information yielded one of the only public and full listings of a unit serving in the Vietnam War.  This is the most complete listing to date of all men who served as Swift Boat Crew or Personnel from training through service.

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Swift Boat Sailors produce the videos contained in this exhibit during their time of service in the Vietnam War.  In most cases, they used Super 8 cameras to shoot the footage.  Swift Boat Sailors narrated some of the videos years after the events, some are without sound, and others have been set to music.  The raw videos portray life for a Swift Boat Sailor.

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