Gunner's Mate

Gunner's Mate Insignia
Gunner's Mate Insignia
  • Provide weapons & munitions support to the Officer in Charge
  • Operate weapons & munitions as assigned
  • Maintain crew served weapons (Mount 51 & 52) including
    • field stripping, timing, head spacing
    • ammunition availability
    • mount canvas covering vs. readiness
    • weapons safety
  • Support the Crew in their use of individual weapons
  • Train the crew in the use of all weapons & munitions
  • Improve the combat utilization of all weapons
  • Maintain ammunition readiness
  • Provide adequate security for all weapons & ammunition on Craft
  • Supervise embarkation/transportation/ offloading of weapons/munitions not organic to the PCF (such as Explosive Ordnance Disposal detachments & SEALs)
  • Ensure appropriate use, stowage, security & safety of other Craft munitions (such as flares, concussion grenades, etc.)
  • In cooperation with Radio Man, coordinate operations with off Craft gunfire spotters.