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LC: Vietnam War, 1961-1975


"August 13, 1969 at Sea Float in the Cau Lon River. Henry "Buddy" Berman, QM2, awaits medivac. He was wounded riding the 9 boat going to set up an intelligence gathering station at the junction of a canal and a river. A Chu Hoi VC was to lead the questioning of passing sampan traffic about VC activities. The boat suffered several rocket hits and small arms hits resulting in the death of the VN sailor assigned to the boat. Several were wounded including Berman and EN2 Bob Phillips. It was later learned that a large piece of rocket was inside his shoulder. Berman was a career sailor and despite being a QM got assigned to the boats. QMs were not the usual rating used on the boats. The Navy, because of the severity of the wound, forced him to retire thus ending his hope for career service. I am given to understand that Buddy passed away in the waiting room of a VA medical facility in Florida sometime in the 80s. The 71 boat for most of my time aboard it was always one man short. Finally in February of 1969 Buddy came aboard to round out the crew of five. The very first operation on our boat that Buddy participated in resulted in the sinking of the boat. Several months later we reunited on the 9 boat and soon thereafter we were hit again and he was wounded. Seems like when Buddy and I got together trouble came calling." - Darryl S. Skuce, GMG2


Darryl S. Skuce


Swift Boat Sailors Memorial


August 13, 1969


Darryl S. Skuce


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Darryl S. Skuce, “Skuce 42,” Swift Boat Sailors Memorial, accessed April 16, 2024,

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