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  • Collection: Frederick Armbruster, Sr., Yeoman 2nd Class '67

Armbruster 1.jpg
Photograph of Frederick Armbruster, Sr. on board PCF 25, possibly in Cat Lo. It appears they are transporting prisoners.

Armbruster 2.jpg
PT (Patrol Torpedo) Boat

Armbruster 3.jpg
Official Navy photograph showcasing PCFs 9, 10, 11 & 12 as they race across the harbor after being unloaded from the U.S.S. Catamount just offshore of Phu Quoc. They arrived on Christmas Eve December 24, 1965 at their new home in An Thoi.

Armbruster 4.jpg
Swift Boats, including PCF 9, alongside APL-55 (Barracks Craft) in An Thoi. On June 10, 1966, PCF Division 101 moved the base from tent camps to afloat APL-55.

Armbruster 5.jpg
Charlie Eggleston, JO3, [Journalist] receiving Navy Commendation Medal from Rear Admiral Ward. Charlie Eggleston joined the United Press International (UPI) as a photographer in Vietnam in 1966. Previously, he received two Bronze Stars for Valor,…
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