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"Latch" Rear Admiral Roy F. Hoffmann


Rear Admiral Roy F. Hoffmann enlisted in the U.S. Navy in World War II, was called back to serve when the Korean War broke out, and was aboard the USS Pirate (AM 275) when it struck a mine and sank in less than four minutes in Wonsan Harbor.   In his long career, Hoffmann commanded four ships. In May of 1968 then Navy Captain Hoffmann became the commander of Task Force 115 in Vietnam, leading his command in pursuit of the enemy on the coast and inland waterways of South Vietnam.

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Swift Boat Sailors produce the videos contained in this exhibit during their time of service in the Vietnam War.  In most cases, they used Super 8 cameras to shoot the footage.  Swift Boat Sailors narrated some of the videos years after the events, some are without sound, and others have been set to music.  The raw videos portray life for a Swift Boat Sailor.

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