Misc. Job Assignments

  • Counselling shipmates before, during & after combat
  • Combat First Aid training & administration
  • First Aid Kit Master (including building, securing & replenishing first aid kits)
  • Grub Master (including drawing food from the galley (or other source) before patrol, storing it on board the PCF (at appropriate levels of refrigeration) & publicizing its presence
  • Short order cook (especially the guy who made breakfast)
  • Thanks for the Memories: whoever encouraged us to make audio & visual recordings of our time in Vietnam
  • Hosting Swift Boat Riders: those who rode with us and shared their memories
  • Search & Rescue:  picking downed aviators out of the water, towing broken down craft to safety, helping a fishing family get rid of the poisonous sea snakes hauled up in their nets, taking wounded Vietnamese civilians to a US military medical facility for treatment).