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Radioman's Insignia
  • Provide electronics support to the Officer in Charge
  • Ensure operational readiness of all applicable electronics (including radios, radar & fathometer, and associated antennas, wave guides & power supplies … including batteries)
  • Troubleshoot electronic problems
  • Train Crew in operation, maintenance & troubleshooting of electronics systems
  • In coordinate with the Engineman in, operate, maintain & troubleshoot electrical issues associated with electronic systems
  • In coordination with the Officer in Charge, ensure all communications security (COMSEC) material is properly drawn, accounted for, used on board the Craft, employed operationally & disposed of
  • Train the Crew on all applicable security procedures including, but not necessarily limited to, communications security (COMSEC) & operational security (OPSEC)
  • Maintain all operations orders; train Crew on related matters
  • Advise & support the Officer in Charge in making required reports
  • Advise & support the Officer in Charge in interpreting & responding to incoming operational tasking messages
  • In cooperation with Gunner Mate, coordinate operations with off Craft gunfire spotters
  • Maintain radio logs.