Quartermaster's Insignia
  • Provide navigational support to Officer in Charge
  • Act as Navigator in appropriate circumstances
  • Develop safety of navigation processes as appropriate (such as navigation safety bearings)
  • Identify & evaluate navigation options; advising Officer in charge as appropriate
  • Calibrate navigational draft of Craft against various parameters (such as speed and tides)
  • Determine times of navigation significant events (such as high & low tide, moon rise & set, sun rise & set) and advise Officer in Charge on their operational implications
  • Develop navigational expertise of the Crew
  • Maintain Craft’s Navigation Chart Portfolio including updates based on Notice to Mariners, Notice to Airmen, & other sources; ensure Crew awareness & understanding of these changes
  • Monitor & interpret weather forecast information
  • Support Officer in charge in heavy weather situations
  • Provide visual signaling (e.g.: flashing light, semaphore, signal flags) support
  • Provide navigational rules of the road support
  • Maintain deck log.