Officer In Charge

Navy Officer Cap Device
  • Compliance with applicable orders such as (1) US Navy Regulations, (2) Commander US Military Advisory Command Vietnam (COM MACV) directives, (3) Operational Commander (such as Commander Task Force 115 (Market Time) directives (such as Operation Orders), & (4) Administrative Commander (such as Commander Coastal Squadron ONE) directives
  • Mission accomplishment (including special & ad hoc assignments)
  • Combat readiness of craft & crew
  • Aggressive engagement of the enemy
  • Back up friendly units
  • Interoperate with/deconflict US, allied & coalition forces
  • Support /exploitation of intelligence sources
  • Weather savviness
  • Synthesize rules of engagement with operational realities, weapons resources & craft capabilities
  • Board & search
  • Search & rescue
  • Support medical civic action programs (MEDCAPs)
  • Win hearts & minds
  • Proper process & treatment of detainees
  • Safe navigation of craft
  • Operational direction of craft & crew on patrol & in other scenarios
  • Morale, training, health, welfare, discipline & career advancement of crew
  • Maintenance of craft & equipment
  • Pre patrol briefing & post patrol reports
  • Communications effectiveness & security
  • Identify potential weaknesses in relevant operational, administrative & supporting commands and develop appropriate work arounds
  • Manage self & crew fatigue
  • Provide appropriate support to PCF bases (such as Sea Float, Home Port, APL, etc.) while off patrol
  • Provide appropriate support to administrative commander(s) when off patrol
  • Document lessons learned
  • Post-Vietnam care of crew (including award, advancement & Veterans Affairs advocacy as appropriate).