Swift Boat Sailors Memorial


Engineman Insignia
Engineman Insignia
  • Provide engineering support to the officer in charge including but not necessarily limited to job descriptions usually associated with:
    • Main Propulsion Assistant
    • Damage Control Assistant
    • Repair Officer
    • Auxiliaries Officer
  • Support the Officer in Charge in anticipating & responding to engineering casualties
  • Operate & maintain the engineering plant
  • Perform duties as oil king including but not necessarily limited to:
    • Refuel in a manner that maintains propulsion readiness & limits impact of refueling on mission readiness
    • Ensure quality of fuel oil
    • Monitor fuel oil usage
  • Perform duties as sound & security patrol including but not necessarily limited to:
    • Monitor potential sources of salt water flooding & leakage of other fluids (fuel, oil, fresh water, refrigerant, etc.)
    • Advise Officer in Charge & Crew on proposed response to flooding & leakage
  • Perform duties as water king including but not necessarily limited to:
    • Top off potable water tanks in a manner that maintains Crew readiness & limits impact of such evolutions on mission readiness
    • Ensure quality/safety of potable water
  • Monitor & manage levels of fuel oil & potable water tanks
  • Provide list & trim control
  • Maintain habitability systems
  • Maintain navigation lights
  • Maintain firefighting equipment
  • Maintain lighting systems (including acquisition of required batteries)
  • Monitor condition of external hull, especially below the water line
  • Train the Crew in operation & maintenance of engineering systems
  • Provide engineering assistance to other engineers & mariners as required
  • Ensure best use of maintenance availabilities (including those times when PCF was out of the water)
  • Ensure adequate acquisition of required engineering support material
  • In coordination with the Boatswains Mate, maintain & operate emergency steering equipment as necessary
  • Maintain engineering logs.