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Terry Boone, RD2 '68-'69


Boone's collection consists of photographs and Cruise Book from his time of service in Qui Nohn, 1968-1969, in the Vietnam War.

Contributors: Terry Boone & Suzanne Edwards Irvin

Gerald "Jerry" Cook, PH1 (Photographer's Mate First Class)


Gerald "Jerry" Cook grew up in Tucson, AZ and while attending Salpointe High School in 1959, he made the decision to pursue a military career in the…

Contributors: Swift Boat Sailors Association & Suzanne Edwards Irvin

James W. Steffes, EN1 '68-'69

Steffe's collection consists of an audio tape taken by a Coastguardsman in CIC aboard USCG Campbell (W-32) shortly after PCF-19 went down.

Contributors: James W. Steffes & Suzanne Edwards Irvin

Stars & Stripes

Viet Sailors learning the ropes.JPG

This collection contains almost 100 articles regarding Swift Boat Sailors and Swift Boat history from the Stars and Stripes, an American newspaper…

Contributors: Stars and Stripes & Suzanne Edwards Irvin

Roger LeMaster, ETN2 '67


Roger LeMaster, ETN-2 took these pictures while he was assigned to the YR-71, a part of the U.S. Naval Support activity in Da Nang during 1967. His…

Contributors: Roger LeMaster & Suzanne Edwards Irvin

Laurence S. Rosato, BM2 '70

Washing clothes.jpg

Rosato’s collection consists of various photos, including crew members and “Grizzly”, a mascot for one of the Swift Boats. These images are…

Contributors: Laurence S. Rosato & Suzanne Edwards Irvin

Darryl S. Skuce, GMG2 '68-'69

skuce 42.jpg

Skuce's collection consists of images and video of time served at Swift Boat Base Cat Lo and An Thoi during the summer of 1968.

Contributors: Darryl S. Skuce & Suzanne Edwards Irvin

Weymouth D. Symmes, Jr., RD2 '68-'70


Symmes’ collection consists mostly of images depicting RADM Roy F. Hoffmann. These images were part of “This is Latch: The Story of Rear…

Contributors: Weymouth D. Symmes, Jr. & Suzanne Edwards Irvin

David D. Hansen, EN2 '68-'69


Hansen's collection consists of just a fraction of the images he took while serving aboard Swift Boats. It is believed Mr. Hansen has the largest…

Contributors: David D. Hansen & Suzanne Edwards Irvin

Larry A. Irwin, LTJG '66-'67

An Thoi Vietnam - a selection of notes on Swift Boat activities Larry Irwin.pdf

Irwin’s collection consists mostly of photographs pertaining to PCF 10, while stationed in An Thoi and on patrol. There are also images of…

Contributors: Larry A. Irwin & Suzanne Edwards Irvin