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Fred R. Read, Jr., RM3 '65-'66

Fred Read RM3 65-66 The Beginning.pdf

Read’s collection consists of photographs from An Thoi, Da Nang and Chu Lai. There is also a picture of Tommy Hill (KIA) and Al Naugh, both from…

Contributors: Fred R. Read, Jr. & Suzanne Edwards Irvin

Anthony R. Taylor, LTJG '66-'67

Vietnamese Phrases.jpg

Taylor’s collection consists of various propaganda leaflets, safe conduct passes and other printed material a Swift Boat Sailor would rely upon in…

Contributors: Anthony R. Taylor & Suzanne Edwards Irvin

Michael C. Burton, LTJG 66-67


Burton’s collection consists of images from when he was OIC of Crew 109. His crew did one month in the Philippines breaking in new boats and then…

Contributors: Michael C. Burton & Suzanne Edwards Irvin

Sonny Barber, CAPT, USNR-ret


Barber’s collection consists of images showing PCF 78 in support of MEDCAP (Medical Civic Action Patrol), PCF 101 (hit by enemy recoilless rifle…

Contributors: Sonny Barber & Suzanne Edwards Irvin

Irvin Turnbull, RM2 '66-'67


Turnbull's collection consists of a 150+ page history of his service, particularly as a Swift Boat Sailor, in the Vietnam War. This history started…

Contributors: Irvin Turnbull & Suzanne Edwards Irvin

Jack Batcheller, GMG3 '68-'69


Contributors: Jack Batcheller & Suzanne Edwards Irvin

Frederick Armbruster, Sr., Yeoman 2nd Class '67

Armbruster 5.jpg

Frederick Armbruster, Sr. ended his 3 year Naval career assisting Swift Boat crews in various ways. The following collection consists of 5…

Contributors: Frederick Armbruster, Sr. & Suzanne Edwards Irvin